Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Open Practice

The course is designed. I added single track sections and a few other new features. Several of us will be riding the course this Wednesday 10/14 and the following Wednesdays (10/21 and 10/28) starting at approximately 5:30pm. All are welcome.

After much deliberation, I decided on a costume for the race. It was a tough decision. I learned last year that wigs are no good as they do not "breath" which leads to overheating. The ideal costume does not slow you down, allows you the breath and looks sweet. I think I found something that works on at least two of the three. Not this one.




JimmyNick said...

I want to dress up as a dweeb. Does anyone have a Dave Steiner mask I can borrow?

Anonymous said...

Please, let us reach a stage in where we don't have to include the "NO SANDBAGGERS" declaration! But, until then, NO FREAKING SANDBAGGERS!